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Topographic Survey, Grading Plans &

Storm Drainage System Design

YCE, Inc. surveyed numerous historic buildings located throughout the site, dense landscaping areas and irregular hardscaping features with non-ADA compliant historic pathways. These pathways had to be preserved as closely as possible to their original designs and still accommodate modern hotel requirements. In addition, the team located ancient storm drain and sewer systems. Additionally, construction staking survey services were provided for the property’s main hotel, cottages and utilities.


The YCE Team used the in-house topographic survey data to complete very complex civil engineering designs for new storm drain systems, sewer systems, storm water management plans, and grading plans. Our professional engineers performed extensive storm drainage system designs, including sizing of pipes and catch basins to meet the City’s required storm event specifications. The team prepared a hydrology study and a hydraulic report that included a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.

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