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AG Grading Plans, Topographic Survey, Site Drainage Study & Proposed Drainage System, Irrigation System and Consulting Services

YCE, Inc. produced a topographic survey of portions of the client’s 350-acre ranch to supplement overall ranch topographical data from the County of Ventura GIS Department.

After evaluating the current site drainage system the YCE team determined specific improvements that were needed to better serve the development project. Deliverables included preparation of the hydrology study & hydraulic report, which evaluated property runoff. Our professional engineers went on to create an efficient storm drainage system design, aligning with County of Ventura standards and currently acceptable engineering practices.

This project also included analyzing the current irrigation system and determining best practice improvements. This involved calculating the existing capacity vs. the ultimate required capacity of the pump(s), booster(s) & pipes and executing an irrigation schematic plan of the system layout.

Additionally, engineering staff prepared AG grading plan to maximize the site’s planting areas per County of Ventura standards and currently acceptable engineering practices, while adhering to the client’s high quality development standards.

Lastly, YCE, Inc. provided consulting services and prepared exhibits related to permitable work within a red line stream.

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