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YCE, Inc. proudly sponsors the Ventura County Fair Junior Livestock Auction

for the second year in a row.

Auction begins at 9am on Friday, August 12th in the Clark Pavilion

YCE, Inc. is focused on serving the agricultural community both in its daily engineering and land surveying work and through support of agricultural programs for youth, such as the Junior Livestock Auction at the Fair.


This year, local youth involved in 4-H, FFA and Grange begin showing their animals in the Clark Pavilion on Monday, August 9th and continue to show through out the week. The Junior Livestock Auction takes place on Friday, August 12th at 9am in Clark Pavilion. If you have never attended the Auction, it’s definitely a must-see as our local youth show their hard work and dedication in the form of pigs, steer, lambs, and more. These youth often spend their own money and many dedicated hours through out the year raising and caring for their animals, from proper feeding to vaccinations and cleaning of pens. The goal? Securing a champion ribbon at the Fair which in turn raises the value of the animal during the auction. The education behind teaching our youth about local agriculture and the circle of life is invaluable and YCE, Inc. is proud to support this effort.

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